The most advanced machinery, innovative materials, techniques never seen before on the industry, capable of generate an impact on the perception with an everlasting results. That is our reason.
Stunning Desings
We guarantee the fast assimilation of brand identity through special strategies, innovative commercial tools, attractive product exhibition and a comfortable booth, unique, worthy of the most important: CUSTOMERS.
Experiential Booths
Transform the way to communicate the Brand, the Company greatness, turning spaces into moments and sensations, in order to achieve the highest impact in the exhibitions. That’s what we do.
Stands that make history
Build is always a transcendental labor, which involves the carefulness of the organizational culture and takes responsibility in every activity to affect each industry. We seek making history with each Project.
Creativity and Eficacy
Perceiving every need, to attend to it with originality and perspective during the planning, taking care even of the smallest detail of the stand, makes a great difference in order to be successful during an exhibition. That’s how we work.


In DisplayArt’s coorporate offices, located in the MIND bulding Mexico, right next to Expo Guadalajara, there is a direct connection to our industrial units through the latest technology in networks, via VPN Links (Virtual Private Networks), that together compose almost 3,000 m2, wich allows a continuous control during all development phases of each project, besides it guarantees the proper attention of any requirements, in real time.


The most specialized team: ONLY THE BEST ONES.

Nothing is more important to DisplayArt than providing the best attention to companies so their experience during each event exceeds expectations by having a DisplayArt project.
Our staff in purchasing, billing, sales, accounting and human resources areas works in synchronized way to facilitate pre-exhibition processes through the latest practices, systems and software.


DisplayArt Design Area is made up of a team with professionals in architecture, graphic design, industrial design and interior design that involve the maximum creativity, functionality and innovative differentiation on each DisplayArt project. The experience of the team members is connected to offer the best design solutions to brands.

DisplayArt operates with the following software: AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Cloud and 3DS Max, original licenses.


DisplayArt is distinguished by being in the forefront of printing technology, through the fast and precise equipment such as plotter, capable of creating high resolution projects and create prints with photographic quality on different substrates, using environmentally friendly inks, according to DisplayArt’s sustainable practices.

Besides, we have vinyl cutting systems, used to cover the elements of each DisplayArt project, so that both, the identity and the brand’s qualities, are perfectly visible and attractive to exhibition visitors.


DisplayArt owns all the resources to manufacture each project. In DisplayArt’s blacksmith shop we have micro wire machines, arc machines, fully trained blacksmiths, the best quality components, as well as the protection and security equipment needed to guarantee the best service.


The most sophisticated technology in Mexico and the greatest experience in carpentry applied in the development of custom stands and original hybrid stands, safe and functional. The most powerful and fully equipped custom stand equipment: 4 carpenter´s shops with leading technology, computerized and vanguard machinery.

At DisplayArt, we take care of the details to make a reality the design that accomplish all the brand’s objetives using high quality materials, including: MDF, melamine, triplay and natural woods. Our carpenters, rater than putting into practice a craft, they create art.


The perfection on the booths designs, is possible thanks to our router. The DisplayArt’s cutting technology aid in the pieces elaboration with exact measures required by the project and allows a great creative freedom, because there are no limits for the figures and dimentions that can be obtained to create each DisplayArt project.

The cutting accurancy is crucial both to facilitate the installation of the booth and the safety of exhibitors and users, since a solid structure, with well-unified elements, guarantees resistance against constant use.


DisplayArt has more than 150 square meters painting workshop, where painting specialists on detailed and matched of color are responsible of covering the decorative elements and walls with the highest quality pigments in the market, using modern tools of sprinkling and absorption systems.

DisplayArt professionals are expertise on the materials treatment, pantone, vinyl Paint, and works in industrial lacquer, mirror finishes and all kinds of textures, which guarantee professional final touches in less time.


DisplayArt’s extensive coverage is supported by its large-capacity transport fleet, ranging from 20 tons of load to specialized passenger transportation for long distances.

This fleet allows transporting the projects to any part with the maximum security and guarantee, since each one of the units has been especially configured to transport equipment for events.

The transport fleet is made up by units specially fabricated to move DisplayArt projects so that they arrive flawless and promptly to their destination.

Exhibitions Consulting